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Latino medical school enrollment on the rise

More Latinos applied to and were accepted in American medical schools this year than ever before, leading to a record rise of Hispanic medical school enrollment in 2012.

According to data published by the Association of American Medical Colleges, there was a noted increase in Hispanic students applying to medical school in 2012. Approximately  45, 266 students applied to attend medical school this year in the United States and 3, 701 were Latino.

The number of Hispanic enrollment at American medical schools also reached record levels this year, with approximately 1,731 Latino students enrolled this year alone. Since 2004, the number of Hispanic medical school applicants has increased 22.9 percent, according to the Association of American Colleges.

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There was also a noted increase in black student application and enrollment, with the news that 3, 824 black students had applied to medical school and approximately 1, 416 enrolled this year alone.

The data comes amidst headlines that there may be a shortage of doctors – as many as 90,000 physicians, says the Association of American Medical Colleges – over the next decade.

“Medicine continues to be a very attractive career choice for our nation’s best and brightest,” Dr. Darrell Kirch, AAMC president and CEO, said in a press release. “Given the urgent need our nation has for more doctors to care for our growing and aging population, we are extremely pleased with the continued growth in size and diversity of this year’s entering class of medical students.”

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