Six-year-old cancer patient starts Halloween costume drive

Like most six-year-old’s, Nico Castro loves Halloween. But the little superhero is fighting a real life villain – Cancer.

” When they wheeled him down to the surgery room,” says Marlene Castro, Nico’s mother, “He was reaching out for us and he was like ‘Please don’t leave me'”

The surgery removed most of the brain tumor, while months of chemo took most of his hair, once a source of great pride for the kindergartener.

“He had to be parted just right. This year’s Dark Knight costume covers his entire head. He said, “Well because it covers your whole head and you can’t see my bald head,” Castro says.

When Nico found out a break in chemo meant he would get to celebrate his favorite holiday, he couldn’t wait. But he wants his friends at the hospital to have a Halloween, too. So the idea of giving one kid a costume quickly took monster proportions – costumes for all.

They collected more than 160 costumes from around the country for boys, girls, babies, kids, with a lot more than Halloween on their mind; who many now, thanks to Nico, may have something to celebrate.

For Sydney Burnett a visit from Nico makes the hospital a lot less scary.

“I  didn’t think I would be able to celebrate Halloween, but now that I have a Halloween costume , I think I should go out there and walk,” says Burnett.

Nico and his family are bringing cheer across the children’s ward. A Halloween hero, who knows that sometimes giving out treats can help you through life’s trickiest times.


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