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Hurricane Sandy’s sign language sweetheart: Lydia Callis!

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Opinion: The twilight zone tale of a formerly undocumented GOP candidate who opposes the DREAM Act

This column, like most of the columns I write, came from Twitter this morning. #GOP Assembly candidate's illegal entry becomes campaign fodder … Read More

How will Sandy affect early voting in Virginia, North Carolina?

Superstorm Sandy pummeled the East Coast, leaving fatalities and destruction in its wake, but now the question of how much early and absentee voting will be … Read More

Joe Biden says “we’re breaking our neck” on immigration reform

In an interview with the Enrique Santos radio show, Vice President Joe Biden said that he and President Obama were breaking their necks trying to get … Read More

Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and other celebs tweet out support during Superstorm Sandy

Superstorm Sandy - declared a major disaster in the New York City area by President Obama and one which, as of Tuesday morning killed at least 24 individuals, … Read More

MTA’s Kevin Ortiz on Sandy recovery: “This will be a lengthy process”

In the aftermath of brutal Hurricane Sandy, 5.7 million people are without power in the Northeast and in New York City, its transportation hub, the Metropolitan … Read More

Texas crews headed north to help restore power

CenterPoint Energy crews left Houston, Texas Monday, headed to the east coast to help restore power to victims of Hurricane Sandy. Approximately 60 linemen and … Read More

Opinion: Romney’s economic message to Latinos has failed

Mitt Romney's strategy to convince Latinos that “it's the economy stupid” has failed, and with that, his bid for the Presidency will likely fail, too. Latino … Read More

CODE2040 brings diversity to Silicon Valley

Take a look at the faces of CEOs, founders and venture capitalists at Silicon Valley high-tech startups and you'll notice almost all of them are white. CODE2040 … Read More

J.R. Martinez wants to inspire through his memoir, “Full of Heart”

It’s been almost a decade since J.R. Martinez’ humvee hit a mine in Iraq, resulting in severe injuries and burns on his face and more than one-third of his … Read More