School board race in California turns ugly

The race for a seat on one California School Board is getting ugly as one candidate accuses another for terrorizing her family.

When Jesseca Saenz-Gonzalez decided to run for Sweetwater Union High School District’s Seat Two, she knew it was not going to be easy.

Now she says things have gotten out of control.

Gonzalez claims a 12th-grade boy has been stalking her, taking photos of her young children and has damaged her campaign car with rocks.

She also alleges one of the rocks went through the window and struck her husband in the face.

“I know that we open ourselves up when we’re running for a campaign,” Saenz said. “But when it comes to children, that’s where I draw the line.”

Gonzalez has filed four police reports with the Chula Vista Police Department with incidents dating back to September.

“As far as throwing something in the vehicle, if the person’s intent is to cause harm, it could be a felony,” said Captain Gary Wedge with the Chula Vista Police Department. “If a person is throwing water balloons in car, it could be a misdemeanor.”

Wedge says they are still looking into whether there is any connection to Gonzalez’s campaign.

Gonzalez believes her opponent Pearl Quiñones is behind the boy’s antics.

“She doesn’t have a platform,” said Quiñones, the current Board President for the Sweetwater Union High School District. “So she’s just trying to run on something that she’s going to discredit me.”

Quiñones says the boy, whose name we are not disclosing since he is a minor, is a friend of the family.

“He’s working for my campaign, not against hers,” said Quiñones.

Gonzalez says she has since hired private security guards to escort her and her family.

Gonzalez and Quiñones are two of four candidates who will face off for Sweetwater Union High School District’s Seat 2 on November 6.

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