iPads transform a Texas school

Over the course of two semesters iPads have transformed almost every aspect of school life in McAllen, Texas.

Take for example, McAllen High School’s orchestra class.

“What we did today is she recorded us playing and then we looked at it via the airplay. She points out our mistakes, and it’s like oh I didn’t see that, so basically it’s like playing in front of a mirror,” says senior Isaac Chavez.

With the help of technology students are learning in a more visual way.

“They find things quickly, they solve problems quickly, they do research a lot faster because it is at their finger tips,” explains Orchestra Director Erin Tovar.

Up until now only teachers and about a fourth of the district student body has had access to these devices.

By Thanksgiving though, the school district plans for every student to have these devices in hand.

To get a device, each student’s parents must register and give consent.

“So the same place where they go to check grades and attendance, there is a little icon that says register your students for a TLC 3 device, which is the iPad for us, for the lower grades it is an iPod,” explains librarian Noe Torres.

In total 22,000 iPads and iPods will be signed out.

“It’s really cool to be apart of it. To be honest I am a little bit jealous that this is my first and only year,” says Chavez.

For seniors like Chavez, it’s bittersweet, but at least they got to experience the first days of a total education transformation that iPads will bring to public schools.

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