Singer Marc Anthony has gone on record saying that a video of him endorsing incumbent Puerto Rican governor Luis Fortuño mistakenly implies support of Mitt Romney. (Photo/Alex Wong for Getty Images)

New Marc Anthony video mistakenly implies Mitt Romney endorsement

Marc Anthony has been outspoken in his endorsement of President Barack Obama for re-election, participating in rallies and fundraisers, and even lending his legendary voice to public service announcements in support of the Democratic candidate. But a recent video featuring Anthony endorsing Puerto Rican incumbent governor Luis Fortuño seems to place the 44-year-old salsa star in an awkward position, as Fortuño, a New Progressive Party (PNP) candidate, is an eager supporter of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The video features Anthony speaking out in support of long-time friend Fortuño and was recently shown at a PNP rally for the 52-year-old governor in Puerto Rico.

Fortuño, who supports statehood for the island commonwealth, is currently running for re-election against Alejandro García Padilla — a Democrat who advocates for Puerto Rico to retain its commonwealth status.

Anthony, who supported Barack Obama’s campaign for president in 2004, issued a statement through his spokesperson clarifying his political position.

“The context of this message has been completely misrepresented,” Blanca LaSalle, a spokesperson for the musician, told Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia this morning.

“First of all, Marc Anthony has always had a great love and respect for their island and all the people who live in it. One of his priorities as well you know, has been raising the name of Puerto Rico wherever he goes, and that is public knowledge,” LaSalle stressed.

“[Marc’s] participation in the video that has been talked about this weekend has been presented and interpreted as a supposed ‘endorsement’ to a party, and that is not the reality of the matter. The intention has always been to unite, and to no to separate or disrespect the people of Puerto Rico,” said LaSalle.

Anthony, whose famous ex-wife Jennifer Lopez is also a staunch Obama supporter, took to Facebook just after midnight on Election Day to go on record about the video to his fans.

“My participation in this video was intended to present to the Governor of Puerto Rico. One person with whom I have shared many times and whom I have had the opportunity to meet [on] the personal, human level,” explained Anthony.

“My message is not intended to offend the Puerto Rican people and disrespect our leaders. That has not been my intention behind it,” wrote Anthony.

As of 10am Eastern, the Facebook post in its original Spanish had received nearly 2 million likes.

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