Kristina’s Kidney: Texas reporter donates kidney to mom – Part 1

SAN ANTONIO — On August 24th, News 4 WOAI reporter Kristina De Leon donated a kidney to her mother at Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital.

Kristina’s mom Vickie had been on dialysis for 15 months. Kristina often went to medical appointments with her mother and learned about the donation process.

“We are so Blessed that it all worked out. I was off of work for two weeks. Many have asked me about the procedure and want to know more.” Kristina says.

She addresses some of the questions she’s already received.

“I don’t have any limitations. I’m not on any medications, can have children, drink alcohol, or run a marathon! Whatever!. As long as I continue to stay reasonably healthy, I will be fine. The hard part is over. Now I can go back to living a normal life. Hopefully that answers what some of you may have been wondering” Kristina says.

This is part one of the three part series of De Leon’s journey to save her mothers life.

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