Telemundo Latin America news roundup – November 8, 2012

The latest Latin America news in under 59 seconds.

At least 48 people were killed and hundreds of others were injured during a powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Guatemala that triggered landslides. Rescuers are working around the clock in San Marcos. Brazilian officials launched a plan to battle violence in Sao Paolo. Nearly 50 officers have been executed this year in clashes with the First Capital Command crime group. In Cuba, FARC negotiators have arrived for their November 15 peace talks with the Colombian government. The FARC says they will push social justice reform in their talks. And Argentina is mourning the death of Leonardo Favio, one of the country’s most famous filmmakers and singer-songwriters. Favio was a film star in the 50’s and 60’s. He was known for his romantic ballads. He was 74.

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