Colorado elementary students become published poets

While the majority of grade school kids are in classrooms reading Dr. Seuss, a group of kids in Denver Colorado are busy writing and publishing their own poems.

America, meet the new generation of poets.

The Denver Public Schools, for the fifth year in a row, published the fifth edition of, “A Poem Knows,”  a poem anthology that features the writings and illustrations of over 1500 students in grades K-5.

“These writers are so good, the work they do is so wonderful I couldn’t do without it,” said Steve Replogle to NBC9 news, who is currently a fourth grade teacher and the master mind behind the publishing of the poems.

For students like Evely Martinez, writing poems was a way to express how she felt after her mother recently passed away. She titled her poem – Mom

Mom, I wrote your name in the clouds 
but the wind blew it away
I wrote your name in the sand
but the ocean washed it away
I wrote your name on my test
but the teacher took it away
I wrote your name on the snow
and the sun melted it away
I wrote your name in my heart
and forever it will stay
When I go to heaven with you
Nobody will take it away.

Watch Evely’s touching read of her poem on here on NBC9 News 

To read more of the poems and learn about previous anthologies by these students click here.

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