Latino teacher brings real life “Glee” club to Los Angeles school

After school, a Belmont High School near downtown Los Angeles is leading a melodic uprising.

For the first time in 80 years, the students at Belmont High have no school-funded band, choir, or music program.

“Students came to me and they said they wanted to start a music club,” says Brian Montes, choir director.

And they did – with the help of Mr. Montes, a science teacher with a music background who took on the project as a labor of love.  Within weeks of putting flyers across the school that read ‘do you love to sing?’ the school held after-school auditions. And the real-life glee club was formed.

The group of ten students performed at the Grammy museum alongside the band Foreigner. But preparing for the big gig would be no easy task. With hours upon hours of rehearsals, all the hard work and effort, the students say, paid off.

“I’ve had students quit and come back. You know it’s it’s just a huge effort,” says Montes.

It’s effort that students like Elizabeth Taylor Eng say was worth it.

“If you have a dream out there you should keep going; you should never quit and if it feels like the end just keep going ’cause it’s only the beginning,” says Eng.

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