Latino hero loses leg while rushing to car crash to save victim

BOYNTON BEACH, Fla – Two weeks ago, Angel Soto put himself in harm’s way to save a stranger. The valiant effort almost cost him his life.

“I’m really happy to be alive, I’m happy to be with my children and my wife,” says Soto.

Soto stopped to help the victim of a car crash on Old Boynton Road October 29th. He pulled a 26-year-old man away from a wrecked truck, and seconds later, another car came by, pinning him to the truck.

“The car hit so hard I couldn’t feel my legs, the pain was excruciating. I was hopping around and looked down and it was a bloody mess,” says Soto.

Graphic pictures show where Soto lost a lot of blood at the scene. The man he saved, Alexander Proscurshim, now wrestles with fate.

“The whole event is surreal. You see him lose his leg and you try to save him after he saved you, it’s a horrible situation,” says Proscurshim.

The roles reversed, now Alex was trying to save Soto.

“Alex grabbed an old shirt and tried to grab my leg to tie it up,” says Soto.

Soto lost most of his right leg and will have to learn to use a prosthetic. His left leg is broken, but should recover fully. Angel has nightmares about the trauma. But he says his injury is worth knowing Alex survived, even though he didn’t know him.

“The vehicle would’ve ran him over and it would’ve been a tragic end for Alex. It was worth it, given the chance I’d do it again,” says Soto.

A civil lawsuit has been filed against the driver of the Porsche, which hit Soto. The police investigation is ongoing and criminal charges are pending.

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