Shakira (Photo/Getty Images)

Shakira’s new album might include a surprise from Barcelona

Even with a little one on the way, Shakira is hard at work on her upcoming album.

The Colombian artists told Billboard during an early November interview that she is spending a lot of time in the studio — splitting her time between Miami and Barcelona — as she prepares for the new release.

“I’m working with different producers and DJs, and I try to feed off from that and find new sources of inspiration and new musical motivation,” she said. The singer has been trying to find a new sound through her collaborations with producers like  Ne-Yo and and Afrojack.

The anticipated eighth album, according to, was supposed to be released at the end of 2012.

In an interview by Rac1 with boyfriend Gerard Piqué, translated by E! Online Latino, the soccer player explained that the new album will not be released this year because of Shakira’s pregnancy. He added that the release date will be in January 2013 after the little Biel is born.

The Colombian singer/philanthropist  has already ruled the Latin and American airwaves and has even taken her chance at singing in Portuguese, Arabic, French and German.

In this new album, Shakira might dazzle fans with a tune in Catalan, the language spoken in Piqué’s native Barcelona. During the Rac1 interview, Piqué said the song “Boig per tu” (I for you) — an original tune by Barcelonian rock group, Sau — could very well be the one Shakira will chose to sing in the Spanish dialect.

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