Liliana Porter, invited guest artist at PINTA NYC 2012 (Photo/Kristina Puga)

[PHOTOS] PINTA Latin American Art Fair’s proceeds donated for Sandy relief

The 6th Annual PINTA Latin American Art Show exhibits­ and sells the best of Latin American art from 50 art galleries around the world. It has brought approximately 14,000 visitors to New York City over four days, and it comes to an end today. This year, all revenue from the exhibition will be donated to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

PINTA includes a broad selection of artwork for any kind of budget by emerging modern and contemporary artists. This year’s guest artist was Argentina-born New Yorker Liliana Porter.

No stranger to PINTA, Porter has been exhibiting her work since the show’s inception six years ago. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally and is represented in many public and private collections. This year, she’s represented by Hosfelt Gallery in New York City and España Minimo from Madrid.

“I think it’s a good way for galleries to know each other,” says Porter regarding what she likes about PINTA. “Now that they include Spain and Portugal, it opens for more connections…It’s nice to be together.”

She says this year she is showing works from the 1970’s and demonstrating different media and time periods.

“People who know my work will recognize the different moments,” says Porter who also used to be a professor at Queens College from 1991 to 2007, and was responsible for public artwork in a few of New York City’s subway stations.

She says her artwork now ranges from $3,000 for prints to $160,000 for installations.

“I started very young…I was always involved in art,” says the soft-spoken Porter, who likes to interpret the meaning of time and demonstrate dialogue between two opposing objects. “Like a Buddha and an altar boy — two different religions, but they are comfortable with each other.”

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