Boy reunited with firefighter who found him

Ten years after a baby was left wrapped in blankets outside an Arlington fire station on a cold day in 2002, the little boy spent his birthday with the firefighter who found him.

After being one of the first infants found under the state’s Baby Moses Law, which designates fire stations as a safe haven, Koregan Quintanilla was adopted by a loving family.

He’s now 10 years old, and he asked to return to the fire station celebrate his birthday with Wesley Keck, the firefighter who found and cared for him a decade ago.

“He was asleep at the time; I touched him enough to get him moving, to let me know that he was breathing. I picked him up and brought him into the station,” Keck recalled.

Koregan has dreams of being a firefighter some day.

“He wants to be a lawyer. He wants to be everything all at once because he’s 10, but always first — fireman, always first,” said Koregan’s mother, Rebecca Quintanilla.

On Thursday, Koregan was chief of the station. He got to ride in a firetruck, flash the lights and shoot the water gun.

Koregan said he’s not special — just another kid. But to the firefighters at Station 12, he’s a little boy they won’t forget.

“I was excited that I got to meet him,” Koregan said. “I’m glad I get to come here and see everyone, because this is my fire station that I was abandoned at.”

Koregan was adopted on National Adoption Day; the next one happens Saturday.

Across the county, 4,500 children in foster care are expected to join their forever families.

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