Cartoonist teaches real life lessons

EDINBURG – Art has always fascinated Ramon Ramirez. And while he appreciates water colors, sculpting and murals, what really helps Ramirez find happiness is when he’s drawing cartoons.

For the last 25 years, this Edinburg High School art teacher has been cartooning. He said he’s inspired everyday by the world around him.

“In other words, instead of being negative about things or complaining about things, I have used that element and converted it into humor,” said Ramon Ramirez, Cartoonist.

Using stereotypes, real world situations or things he sees on the news, Ramirez has made cartooning his passion in life.

“When I was first doing cartooning, I created a cartoon strip called smarty. Later, it became Smarty Cartoons. Then I was asked to do editorial cartooning for the local newspaper,” said Ramirez.

His cartoons have become so popular it’s now a small business. He has numerous strips that are viewed by thousands everyday at

To learn more, click the link above.

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