Hacker attacks school website in protest of tracking system

An anonymous hacker claims he took down a San Antonio, Texas school district’s public website.

The move is in protest of new student IDs with a tracking device.

That device is called an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip.

It’s used at two Northside Independent School District schools as a pilot program to better track school attendance.

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What he did is called a denial of services attack or DOS, in which the hacker overloads the school district’s website somehow.

The point is to make the site unavailable for the everyday user, not to steal private information.

In the world of Twitter, this alleged hacker goes by the handle “tr1xxyanon.”

For the last few days, he’s taken full responsibility for Northside’s website going down.

“What we’ve noticed is a little bit of a slow down in accessing information on the website. But not a total shutdown of the website,” said Pascual Gonzalez, Northside ISD’s spokesperson.

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