Telemundo Latin America news roundup – November 28, 2012

The latest Latin America news in under 59 seconds.

Argentina won a reprieve on paying $1.3 billion next month to investors over its defaulted debt. In 2013, the court will decide if Argentina has to pay the holdouts in full. In Colombia, a FARC rebel, accused of kidnapping and killing three Americans, was captured by police. The capture comes as the Colombian government and the FARC close negotiations for a peace plan. In Peru, health officials have confirmed 3,400 cases of dengue fever since October. Prime Minister Jiminez said 120 health professionals have traveled to the towns hardest hit by the virus. And Guatemala’s Santiaguito volcano spewed large columns of ash over nearby communities. No evacuation notice was issued, but authorities warned locals to avoid drinking water, which may contain ash.

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