Eva Longoria strips down for GQ Mexico. (Photo/Randall Slavin for GQ Mexico)

Eva Longoria strips down for new GQ cover

Eva Longoria may be an actress, producer and political activist, but she wants to remind the world that she’s still a sex pot. The 37-year-old actress stripped down for the cover of GQ Mexico’s December issue, looking svelte in white lingerie, and in a candid interview revealed her thoughts on multi-tasking, looking good and staying true to her Mexican roots.

Longoria – whose new movie “The Bayton Outlaws” hits theaters in January – struck a number of provocative poses in the magazine’s feature spread, which pronounces the Mexican American actress as no longer a “desperate housewife.”

Citing her mother as her inspiration, the busy actress (who is currently working towards a master’s degree in Chicano Studies), Longoria said in a Spanish-language interview with the magazine that she likes to lead a busy life, explaining “I do not stop for a minute. I feel like my day has 48 hours.” She also touched on her Mexican heritage, stating that she loves visiting Mexico and enjoys taking part in films that honor her roots.

And when asked about how it feels to be one of the sexiest women in the world, Longoria (who recently split from New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez) had the following to say:

“I always feel flattered when I say that! I hope people perceive me as beautiful in everything I do in relation to works of charity and philanthropy, or political activism. For me, those are the things that define beauty. The beauty lies mainly on personality, not on skin.”

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