Workforce solutions helps child support offenders get back on their feet

WESLACO – The Texas Attorney General is cracking down, and handcuffs may become a familiar feeling to those who choose not to pay child support. But one Texas program is making it their mission to get these offenders to pay up, and it all starts with a court mandated order.

“I was in jail for a good month, and when I went to court, it was something that the judge had offered me,” said Erik Del Angel, Child Support Paying Father.

That opportunity came from the NCP program at Workforce Solutions.

“We are one of 28 workforce boards across the state of Texas, and 17 of us participate in the NCP. And that stands of Non-Custodial Parent Program,” said Victor De Leon, Workforce Solutions Public Affairs Officer. “And what we do is we assist those folks in obtaining a job, and in turn they can make those payments towards their child support.”

In fact, the Rio Grande Valley NCP Workforce group is the number one performing board in the state. They have collected over $10 million in unpaid support since 2005.

Step one to this success is getting each parent a job.

“I have been here for about three months, and it has been helping me out a lot, helping me build confidence, applying online, helping me with my resume. The class is an awesome class, it has helped me out quite a bit,” said Del Angel.

Workforce Solutions said he is close to being employed. After applying to several jobs, they believe one employer is ready to say yes to Del Angel.

This is a major step to obtaining Del Angel’s main goal.

“To pay off my child support, and to continue paying. Ya know, be a responsible father,” said Del Angel.

Del Angel was sent to jail owing $27,000 in child support. Now he has worked that number down to $13,000 and he said it will only go down from here.

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