Jennifer Lopez is taking the world by storm while on her “Dance Again World Tour.” (Photo/INF Photo)

Jennifer Lopez forced to tone down sexy moves, cover up for Indonesia concert

Say what? Jennifer Lopez is known for swiveling her hips and amping up the sex appeal with curve-hugging outfits but for her concert in Jakarta Friday night, she had to tone down her dance moves and cover up for her show in the Indonesian capital.

“She’ll have to cover up a little bit,” said Chairi Ibrahim, a project manager for Dyandra Promosindo charged with promoting the Jakarta stop of J.Lo’s “Dance Again World Tour” told CNN on Friday.

The Puerto Rican superstar had to wear clothes that refrained from revealing her cleavage, as well as revamp her dance routine without moves that suggested “making love,” said Ibrahim.

And while Jennifer Lopez is one diva who makes her own rules, the concessions have to be made in order to comply with the local Muslim customs of modesty. Even so, the 43-year-old seemed to have a great time performing, tweeting her thanks to the crowd for an “amazing night.”

The concert in Jakarta followed Lopez’s oh-so-hot show in Turkey, which marked the singer’s very first time in the Middle Eastern country.

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