Hundreds who camped out get their holiday meal vouchers

Juanita Alvarez said she waited in line for more than a week to receive a free holiday meal voucher to feed her family.

“Oh my God i just wanna go and sleep and rest after eight days,” she told NBC 6 South Florida.

She and hundreds of others were in line Wednesday morning to receive the voucher, which will give holders $120 worth of holiday meal ingredients.

Camacol, the Latin Chamber of Commerce in the United States, distributed as many as 3,000 vouchers so that families who need help this holiday season could sit down to share a warm meal with their loved ones. Food baskets will be distributed closer to Christmas.

“I do this because of my family,” Alvarez said.

Marisa Garcia, who was in front of Alvarez in line, said she hasn’t bathed since Nov. 28 when the two first staked out the spots. But Luis Cuervo, with the Latin chamber, said there was no need to line up days ahead of time because there were enough tickets for all.

“They don’t listen,” he said. “I think it’s in the blood, maybe it’s the way the crisis is that everybody needs a hand.”

Alvarez is just happy she can now cook Christmas Eve dinner for her grandchildren.

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