Jenni Rivera will be starring in her very own sitcom.

Jenni Rivera will be starring in her very own sitcom. (Photo/Getty Images)

Jenni Rivera to star in new ABC comedy

George Lopez was the first Latino to make Mexican-American family humor a must-see on prime time television, and it looks like singer Jenni Rivera hopes to do the same with the news that she will star in a brand-new self-titled ABC comedy about parenting and family.

“Jenni” will star Rivera as a “strong, middle-class, single Latina woman working to raise a family using unique parenting skills” reports Deadline. And Rivera’s character will do it all solo, running a family business despite protests that she needs a man to help her out.

The multi-camera family comedy will be produced by ABC Studios producers Robert L. Boyett and Robert Horn. Boyett has a string of successful television shows to his credit including “Family Matters” and “Full House.”

Rivera – a successful singer-songwriter with over 20 million albums sold worldwide – is no stranger to the world of television, as the star of her very own reality show “I Love Jenni” on mun2.


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