Dog bites student on school bus

A Pasadena, Texas family is looking for answers after their 12-year-old daughter was bitten by a dog on her school bus Monday morning.

The ordeal can be seen and heard on cellphone video that was recorded by a middle school student.

The child’s mother she can barely watch the recording.

“This dog has his teeth clenched into your child’s leg and nobody’s doing anything,” said mother Angie Diaz. “That was very upsetting. That should not have happened, somebody should have jumped in sooner.”

Her daughter, Selena, said she was sitting on the bus when it stopped to pick up other kids. She said the dog ran to the back of the bus, where she was sitting, and started biting her without being provoked. At one point, she even tried to pry the dogs jaws from her leg.

“I was trying to jump over to the other seat so I could get away from him,” said Selena Diaz. “But it wasn’t working. He was clawed on to my leg really hard.”

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