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Smart apps to manage your health

Usually, when you have a medical issue, your doctor will check your vital signs, run a few tests, and ask you a lot of questions. Sometimes you will have all the answers, but often you will forget or not have access to all of your information. In fact, quite often, you don’t have your own records or perhaps you have a language barrier with your caregivers. So now, thanks to your smart phone, you can improve your well being and control of your health care decisions by choosing the right apps for your device.

For nearly any medical condition that requires regular readings, there is an app that can help. You can use your smartphone to track your blood pressure, sugar levels, temperature, sleep patterns, weight, and much more. For the choices, just visit the health section of your favorite app store. Yet most importantly, ask others in your social networks what they know or think about the choices and you will find the one that will work best for you.

Heart Pal by Deltaworks is an app (iOS/Android) for logging, charting, and analyzing your blood pressure, plus you can also track your medications and weight. For diabetics, Glucose Buddy will keep track of your glucose numbers, carb consumption, insulin dosages and more, and you can also view online and print information. Tylenol makes the Sleep Tracker App to help you chart your sleeping habits. These are just a few of the many health-tracking apps.

Getting healthier by quitting smoking can also be easier with the use of some friendly apps. There are apps that will help you quit cold turkey and others that will help you quit smoking over several weeks or months. Tracking how much money you have saved by quitting can also be a big incentive! One of the most popular apps in this category is Quit Smoking: Cessation Nation by Ron Horner.

Medication management is also a very important issue for many people. My Medications app is from the American Medical Association and is a great tracker of your medications, physicians, and more.

If you are a Windows 8 Mobile user here are some apps that will help you:  Heart Rate , Health Organizer and Health Caddy

Additionally, apps that can be useful to non-English speaking patients include SpanishDict free for iOS device users and Google Translate for Android users.

Remember that these are only apps and should be considered an aid to helping you manage your care. They will never replace the advice of a trained physician or other medical professionals – but I sure like the idea of collaborating with my doctor , understanding the process and help her make good decisions for and with me.

Do you use apps to manage your health? Share them with us here!


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