The United States Postal Service together with the University of Arizona’s Media Democracy and Policy Institute will unveil a stamp commemorating the work of slain Hispanic journalist Rubén Salazar in April 2008.

Latino group settles suit over journalist Ruben Salazar’s death

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Latino civil rights organization has reached a settlement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that will disclose unredacted autopsy and investigative documents pertaining to the 1970 death of Mexican-American journalist Ruben Salazar.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund said Friday it reached a deal this week on behalf of documentary filmmaker Phillip Rodriguez who had been requesting the documents as part of his research.

Salazar was a journalist killed by a sheriff’s deputy who blasted two tear gas canisters through a doorway during the national Chicano Moratorium March in 1970.

Claims have persisted for decades that Salazar was targeted because of his reporting on police abuses. But a report released last year found no evidence supporting suspicions Salazar was deliberately killed.

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