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Remembering Jenni Rivera: 10 things to know about the Mexican-American superstar

The world is mourning the shocking death of beloved Mexican-American music sensation Jenni Rivera, who perished this past weekend when her plane crashed shortly after taking off from Monterrey, Mexico.

As authorities continue to piece together the details of the tragedy, we take a look back at a life snuffed out too soon—one lived under an adoring public spotlight, but one with its own share of personal heartaches and triumphs.

Here are 10 things to know about the incomparable star.

1. She Knew a Thing or Two About Making Hits: As far as music careers go, Rivera’s was massive: She released 12 major-label albums and sold 15 million copies, becoming a key player among Latin-music biggies. She officially burst onto the scene in 1995 with her debut album La Chacalosa and racked up a string of Grammy nominations beginning in 2002.

2. She Headlined the Wildly Successful TV Series I Love Jenni: Rivera scored major TV success with her hit reality show, which aired on mun2. The program, which focused on the intersection of her personal and professional lives, premiered in March 2011 and was set to enter its third season. When E! News caught up with Rivera last February, she told us how she loved that the show “is about me, [a] Mexican girl from Long Beach,” raising the five kids as a single mom. “So you see Jenni the mom, singer, grandma,” she said.

3. She Was Coach on The Voice‘s Mexican Spinoff: Rivera was generous when it came to sharing her deep experience in the music biz: The singer joined the second season of Mexico’s offshoot of The Voice as a coach, where she mentored up-and-coming Latin singers. The show was put on hold following Rivera’s death, but producers announced that it will resume this Sunday.

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