Three-year-old can only eat one food, now in short supply

LEHIGH ACRES, FL – A family is running out of time to find help for their 3-year-old son.

He suffers from a medical condition that allows him only to eat one food.

Now that the food source is in short supply, the family desperately wants to know what’s happening with their son’s only lifeline.

“There is no other option,” said Jennifer Gonzalez, Michael’s mother.

Michael suffers from “Food Protein Induced Enterocolitis Syndrome” also called FPIES.

It’s a condition that limits the types of food he can eat.

Doctors say the condition normally goes away by the time kids turn Michael’s age.

But Michael’s doctors are calling it the worst case they’ve even seen because he reacts to all foods.

“Vomiting, severe pain, then within the next twelve hours it’s diarrhea the point that he becomes severely dehydrated and lethargic,” said Gonzalez.

After many long nights, the Gonzalez’s saw light at the end of the tunnel when they found a solution in the form of Neocate Junior Unflavored without Prebiotics

But three weeks ago, Michael started reacting to that, too.

“I never thought the one form of nutrition my son could have would be altered,” said Gonzalez.

The Gonzalez’s say the company that makes their child’s only safe form of nutrition changed something.

At first they thought it was just the label but they quickly realized something else was wrong.

The company told the family nothing has changed but the Gonzalez’s aren’t convinced and their options are limited.

“These old label cans he can have, they expire October 28, 2013, when they expire so will he,” said Gonzalez.

The family has the FDA involved and is trying to raise awareness to either get the company to fix the problem or find someone else to make the exact same formula.

“We have until October, his birthday is in October, he can’t die when he’s 4,” said Gonzalez.

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