[VIDEO] Plane crash site of Jenni Rivera’s plane

Authorities confirmed the wreckage of the Learjet that Jenni Rivera boarded at 3:15am Sunday near Monterrey, Mexico was discovered only 62 miles away on Sunday afternoon. It crashed only 10 minutes after takeoff, about 2,000 meters above sea level, in the mountainous region of northern Mexico. The plane was departing for Toluca International Airport, and it had gone missing after takeoff early Sunday.

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Jorge Domene, spokesman for Nuevo Leon’s government, told Entertainment Weekly the plane left Monterrey about 3:30am and aviation authorities lost contact with the craft about 10 minutes later. The plane had been scheduled to arrive in Toluca, outside Mexico City, about an hour later.

Transportation and Communications Minister Gerardo Ruiz Esparza said that “everything points toward” the accident being caused by the U.S.-registered Learjet 25 carrying Rivera and six other people.

“There is nothing recognizable, neither material nor human in the wreckage,” Esparza told the Televisa network.

Mexican wire service Notimex reported that the Learjet, built in 1969, had 43 years worth of flights and had malfunctioned once before in 2005. While trying to take off on an Amarillo airstrip seven years ago, the plane experienced a fuel system malfunction, causing one wing to weigh more than the other. No one was injured in that accident, according to Notimex.

There were no survivors reported among its seven crew members and passengers, including Rivera’s publicist, lawyer, and makeup artist.

Last night, Mexican newspaper El Universal reported police and forensic experts found Jenni Rivera’s driver’s license at the scene of the plane crash, along with an identification belonging to 78-year-old pilot Miguel Pérez.

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