Hundreds of fans mourn Jenni Rivera’s death in Los Angeles

In song, Jenni Rivera’s brother praises god. But the words this pastor sings soon brings him to tears.

“I won’t be able to hug her or send her a text to tell her I love her,” says Pedro Rivera. “When I woke up, I tried to sing that song in my shower and I couldn’t, I couldn’t stop crying because I still couldn’t believe it that my sister – I won’t be able to see again.”

Pedro Rivera invited us into a deep part of the family’s feelings tonight – their faith.

“It’s a question many people are asking, why? And I wish I could answer that,” he says.

Across the border, recovery continues, as authorities gather pieces of the Learjet that carried “La Diva de la Banda” and six others. The last time Pedro saw his sister was Thursday.

“I felt a tender, a different type of hug, a different type of kiss, the way she said, brother I love you, it just felt so different,” says Rivera.

As fans continue to grieve with the family, vigils allow them to open about the Long Beach girl who was an inspiration.

“She was such a kind person to everyone,” says Sharon Valencia, a fan of the singer.

“It really touches our hearts that so many people – we don’t know them but they know Jenni, they know our family and they show us so much love and compassion and it touches our hearts very deeply,” says Rivera

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