Mun2 executive: “She was a picture of what the new America looked like”

It wasn’t supposed to end like it did for Jenni Rivera.

“We were recording for the 3rd season of the reality show,” Flavio Morales, Mun2 Senior VP of Programming.

Since October, NBC Universal Network Mun2 had a crew following Rivera around for the upcoming season of “I Love Jenni.” The crew was with her in Monterrey Saturday night, for what became her final live performance. Senior Vice President of programming for Mun2, Flavio Morales.

“Jenni always wanted to show a Mexican performance. We had captured a lot in the U.S. and she said it’s a different experience,” says Morales.

The crew shot behind-the-scenes footage and shots of her on-stage, in the round, intimate with her fans.

“For us at Mun2, she was the embodiment of what we were trying to show the country, that being a Latino in the U.S. did not make you so much different than anybody else,” says Morales.

The Long Beach, California native had come from living in a garage to living the life of her dreams, reaching into her Mexican roots and reaching out to a much larger audience.

“Jenni was this new America, she was a picture of what the America looked like,” says Morales.

On the verge of superstardom, taken away from those who loved her, who were inspired by her and now…

“Top news story on every single local and national broadcast regardless of language is a testament to her fans, her family and her work,” adds Morales.

More famous than ever before.

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