Teen gives the gift of music to churches in Texas

BROWNSVILLE – In a small church in Brownsville, Josh Aguilera found his passion. It came in the form of a musical note.

His father is the pastor and his older brother would play the music during the religious service, but one day the music stopped.

“I guess it started when my brother took off to the navy. He was the one that was really in charge, he played everything like I do now. And when he left, I felt that burden to carry on,” said Aguilera.

So Aguilera picked up an instrument at the age of ten and started playing in church for every service. But that passion grew when Aguilera decided to help other area churches form their own music programs.

For those interested, he teaches members of the congregation enough so they can have music during their religious services. But Aguilera doesn’t just teach songs and notes.

“First I teach them cords. Because I don’t want to teach them incorrectly. I want to build a base for them to grow on,” said Aguilera.

And now at the age of 17, Aguilera is able to teach a variety of instruments.

“Drums, base, saxophone, guitar, piano, and congas,” said Aguilera. And he is currently learning how to play the violin and accordion.

Aguilera traveled as far as Oklahoma City once to help those with a desire for music during church. It’s a passion he knows will be in his life forever.

“Just because I love it so much, I wouldn’t dare leave it for anything,” said Aguilera.

And all of his lessons are for free. It’s a talent he shares, because he knows it brings happiness into others lives.

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