Could Mexican-American studies return to Tucson schools?

A Mexican-American studies program may be on the horizon for Tucson schools after the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) Governing Board showed signs of disagreement on the future of the program.

At a board meeting, the governing board voted to approve two new objections to the Unitary Status plan, designed to help the district end its decades old desegregation order. The plan aims to increase racial and ethnic diversity in schools.

According to Cara Renee, Director of Communications and Media Relations at Tucson Unified School District, the board voted to approve an objection filed on November 9th that included an objection to the requirement to create culturally relevant courses.

Board members later proposed a separate vote on the issue of cultural classes.  The separate objection did not pass. However, board members were split on the issue.

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“As of now, that objection still stands. Other votes came afterwards but that does not erase the district’s objection to the requirement to create culturally relevant courses,” Renee says.

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