New Texas ER cuts down on hospital wait times

HIDALGO COUNTY – When Ed Gillaspy needed to go to the emergency room, a friend told him to come the new ER in McAllen.

“I had an accident on my bicycle and cut my ankle,” said Ed Gillaspy, patient.

Rio Grande Regional Hospital’s brand new emergency room facility in Texas is a little more west than the main hospital, but this 24-hour ER is essentially the same thing.

“We have a capability of like any emergency room, we have the capability of giving you medication, IV’s, doing lab work, doing X-rays, doing CT scans, and doing ultra sounds,” said Dr. Francisco Torres, Medical Director.

They opened their doors in the beginning of November and the patient response has been overwhelming.

In just one month, they have seen over 1,000 patients, and they’ve cut down emergency room wait times.

“They didn’t think it was possible for people to get in and out of an emergency department in 35 minutes, but we do it on a regular basis,” said Brett Stock, Administrator.

It’s possible because the sole focus and only thing this building handles is emergencies.  The new location is also giving them a new demographic of patients.

“Really it let’s us expand our reach a little bit into the community that we don’t typically see a lot of visits from at the main facility,” said Stock.

So after seeing the doctor only minutes after walking in the door, Gillaspy felt happy enough to come back for a check up visit.

“Well the experience was very good. I was very pleased with certainly how rapidly they were able to get in here and get me repaired,” said Gillaspy.

And even though he hopes he won’t have to come back, if trouble does come knocking, he said he will be back here for sure.

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