Children of immigrants ask to end deportation

Kids as young as four years old are asking for one wish this Christmas – that the government end deportation proceedings that threatens to separate them from their parents.

Children like Anthony who’s dad is currently in a detention center.

“I wrote that they help free my dad. That they don’t do this because it’s wrong, there are kids who are alone,” says Anthony Pena.

Saul Merlos, from New Orleans arrived with his daughter Amy, with an ankle monitor and a deportation order in hand.

“I want us to be heard, it’s not fair because our children need us here in the United States,” says Merlos.

The kids personally handed hundreds of letters from 27 states to Democratic and Republican congressional offices.

Not far from the capital, Latino Organizations gathered, announcing they would use the same strategy that got record numbers of Latino voters to the polls to push for immigration reform.

“We need to make sure that the folks stay informed, that if they are not with us, 2014 may not look pretty to them,” says Maria Teresa Kumar, co-founder of Voto Latino.

A record number of immigrants have been reported under president Barack Obama’s administration. The president of the National Council of La Raza says this is a legacy Obama does not want at the end of his term.

The campaign set to begin in January will follow the performance of congress members on the issue of immigration, so Latino voters can see where they stand and decide come election 2014.

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