Lotto winner plays late father’s lucky numbers and wins

Two Massachusetts Costco co-workers hit the jackpot Wednesday night when their shared Powerball ticket won the $50 million prize.

“I couldn’t believe it, I can’t believe that six numbers came out that [were] on the ticket,” said Reginald LeBlanc.

“I don’t have any plans right now because it’s still, I’m still trying to digest what’s going on, the blessing that I have,” added Rosa DeLeon.

The pair have played two tickets together twice a week for the past ten months.

One ticket was a quick pick, the other held special meaning — they were Rosa’s father’s lucky Powerball numbers.

“He gave it to me to play before he passed away,” she explains.

The co-workers didn’t check the tickets Wednesday night, but Reggie caught them quickly Thursday morning and saw that at least three numbers matched up.

“The lottery moved so fast that I didn’t know what the other three numbers were, so one of the Costco workers mentioned that they could get the lottery on the TV, and they did and I was looking at it — one, two, three, four, five and then the powerball,” LeBlanc says.

Reggie doubled checked at the Lexington Shell Station where they purchased the ticket.

Now the focus turns to what to do with all their winnings.

“My family will be well taken care of,” DeLeon says.

“I definitely need a lot of teeth work, that’s one of my first things that I need to get fixed,” LeBlanc added.

Both winners say they’ll keep working at Costco, at least until they get their checks, and they say they’ll keep coming back to the store to shop.

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