Family and friends in Puerto Rico of Connecticut shooting victim, Ana M. Marquez-Greene, grieve over the little girl’s senseless death. (Courtesy El Nuevo Dia)

Sandy Hook shooting tragedy hits Puerto Rico mayor’s family

The Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia reports that one of the children killed in the Newtown, Connecticut school massacre is six-year-old Ana M. Marquez-Green, the grandchild of the sister of the Mayor of Maunabo, Puerto Rico, Jorge Marquez.

“I want to believe this is not really happening to me,”said the little girl’s grandmother, Elba Iris Marquez, who was described by the newspaper as drowned in grief and disconsolate.

“If my friends can’t believe it, how can I?” lamented the grandmother.  “Es un dolor muy grande,” said the grandmother, saying it was such profound grief.

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The grandmother, who herself had been a teacher in Connecticut for many years before retiring, said to the Puerto Rican newspaper her daughter and family had moved back to Connecticut a couple of years ago after living in Canada, and she herself had helped them choose the quiet, nice town.

The family in Puerto Rico described an agonizing wait to find out what had happened to the grandchildren.  Six-year-old Ana has an older brother, nine-year-old Isaias, and they were very close.  Elba Iris Marquez says the family found out that Isaias was okay, but then they had to wait and wait to hear about Ana.  They finally heard about 4 pm Friday.

Ana M. Marquez-Greene pictured with her aunt, Mara Marquez. (Courtesy El Nuevo Dia)

Ana M. Marquez-Greene pictured with her aunt, Mara Marquez. (Courtesy El Nuevo Dia)

The family worries about nine-year-old Isaias; according to the family, the siblings were very close.  Ana was very close to her grandmother.  The little girl also had a heart condition and was scheduled to have surgery soon.

The family says with sadness that the deceased little girl, Ana, had lived without seeing much violence, even in movies, since her mother Nelba did not allow them to see violent video games or movies, according to Luz Marina Leon, wife of Maunabo Mayor Marquez.

Last year little Ana visited her relatives in the island at this time of year.  “We made a gingerbread house,” said the Mayor’s daughter, Maraixa Marquez Leon. She added the children dressed as traditional “jíbaros” and gave the adults a Christmas parranda.

The family flew from Puerto Rico to Connecticut early Saturday for the girl’s funeral.

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