Milwaukee students return to class after Conn. shooting

Students returned to class Monday on the first weekday after the tragic shootings at an elementary school in Connecticut.

The Milwaukee Public School District has taken steps Monday to react after the mass shootings.

“We asked our school leaders to review school safety plans in light of what happened in Connecticut,” said spokesman Tony Tagliavia.

He said the district sent a letter to all 60,000 families within the district with tips on how to talk about the tragedy.

The letter asks “parents to remind their children, that if they see something unusual, they should always report it to an adult,” as Tagliavia described.

He says that the district has taken the advice of district mental health professionals.

“It’s important for children to follow normal routine,” explained Tagliavia.

“When parents talk with children, they shouldn’t minimize what happened, but they shouldn’t disrupt what’s completely normal to them.”

Some other tips include staying calm when talking to children, reassure them that adults are there to help and restricting media coverage, based on your child’s age.

Many parents were apprehensive as they dropped off their kids for the first time since the shootings.

You have to try and continue on with it,” said Brian Gutierrez, a parent whose child attends Gaenslen School in Riverwest.

“You really don’t know how to react,” explained Matthew Olson. He held his daughter a little tighter after heading the tragic news.

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