Dallas artist wants stolen art honoring brother returned

A Dallas artist is offering a reward for the safe return of two works of art stolen while on display at a gallery earlier this week.

Two of the smaller pieces in Rolondo Diaz’s current collection on display at the Janette Kennedy Gallery at South Side on Lamar were stolen Tuesday night.

“It’s not even so much the stealing of the work of art — even though I haven’t had that happen to me in the past — it’s the fact that what they took is very personal,” he said.

Diaz said the mixed-media pieces have a special significance — they are part of a collection created to honor his brother, Christian, who recently died of leukemia.

“The pieces that were stolen actually had photographs of me and my brother as children, just like this like here — my favorite photograph from Havana,” he said while pointing to another piece on display.

The building’s surveillance video is being checked for clues.

The Cuban-American artist incorporated snapshots and other childhood memories on many of the pieces in his current collection at the JK Gallery.

“I am inspired by all things in life,” Diaz said. “I believe that art is the expression of life and, in this particular, the show was definitely inspired by the struggles I saw my brother go through for two and a half years.”

Diaz said he and his brother always shared a special bond and he wants the paintings back — no questions asked.

This is the 10th year for his annual exhibition at the gallery, which continues through Dec. 26.

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