“12 Days of Christmas” comes true for family

The Reyes family enjoys the little things in life because you never know how they can grow.

On December 6, their lives began to change, starting with a pear tree.

On Day 2: turtle doves, carrying 10-year-old Daniel Reyes’ Christmas wish.

“I wrote my wish is to go to a Christian school,” Daniel said.

Mountain View Christian School  in Las Vegas, Nevada answered that wish with a one-year scholarship.

Daniel’s parents say they’ve always wanted to enroll him at the private school, but times are tough.

The Reyes joins three other local families who have received 12 days of hope.

“In 12 Days”, the organization behind all this started after one family’s struggle in 2008.

Suzanne Lea, the founder, lost her husband from a sudden heart attack. She began to find anonymous gifts on her doorstep following the lyrics of a Christmas carol.

And each year after that those on the receiving end like Daniel are receiving the 12 days of Christmas, with a twist.

The Reyes family says what they’ve experienced is unbelievable — a kindness that will inspire children like Daniel and continue to give.

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