School IDs: Mark of the beast?

A San Antonio, Texas father told a federal judge Monday his family is being forced to choose between God or the Northside Independent School District.

The decision revolves around the ID badges equipped with RFID tracking chips at Northside’s John Jay High School. It was an emotional day for Andrea Hernandez’s dad, who is trying to keep his 15-year-old daughter in a magnet school.

“We have made what we think is a reasonable attempt to accommodate her religious objections,” said Northside Superintendent Brian Woods, who hopes a federal court judge sides with Northside ISD.

The district wants to expel Andrea Hernandez from a science and technology magnet school for not wearing an ID with a tracking device. She refuses to wear the badge and did not accept a compromise of wearing a badge without the micro-chip that looks the same in size and shape.

“I earned my way into this school, Hernandez said. “And for them to kick me out because of my religious beliefs is unfair for them to do.”

Andrea’s family obtained a restraining order that has kept administrators from expelling her before this week’s hearing. Cameras were not allowed inside the courthouse, but Hernandez told a judge that, according to Revelations 13, the badge is like a mark of the beast or sinful.

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