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Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s baby will be FC Barcelona member at birth

Shakira, and her husband, FC Barcelona central defender Gerard Piqué,  expect their new baby boy in mid-January and upon his arrival plan to instantly make him a “socio” or Barcelona member. Piqué says his family did the same for him when he was born.

“I’m very proud – apart from the fact I didn’t take the decision to become a ‘socio’, because I was only a few days old, but it’s true that my grandfather and then my parents made me aware of what it means to be a fan, how to be a Barcelonista, and I’m very proud of that,” Piqué said in an interview with the Union of European Footballers Association.

Shakira, the newest judge of NBC’s “The Voice” joined her husband this week as he received a Silver Insignia in recognition of his 25 years with the team. His grandfather, Amadou Bernabéu, FC Barcelona’s representative to UEFA and an ex-club director, broke club tradition and awarded Piqué the gift himself.

Bernabéu was responsible for enrolling his grandson into Barcelona and he had tears in his eyes during the ceremony. Now, he’s planning to pass that tradition on to his great grandson, which he first admitted to Shakira.

Shakira asked him “when are you planning to make your great grandchild a member?”

The child will become a member the moment he’s born,” he answered.

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