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Victor Cruz, Jessica Alba call to end gun violence in PSA after Newtown school shooting

Just days after the horrific Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Latino celebrities like Victor Cruz, Jessica Alba, Selena … Read More

Gerard Piqué shows sense of humor, tweets fake news of Shakira giving birth

It’s the time of year to exchange and open gifts, and according to Gerard Piqué, he and Shakira are enjoying the best present of all: a new baby boy. Proud … Read More

Mexico urges US court to prevent Arizona’s ban on harboring of undocumented immigrants

PHOENIX (AP) -- The Mexican government has urged a U.S. court to stop Arizona from enforcing a minor section of the state's 2010 immigration law that prohibits … Read More

Filmmaker debuts documentary about his family struggles on PBS

Growing up in Coney Island, NY, William Caballero describes himself as being an artsy, quirky and nerdy kid who got on everyone’s nerves. Although he always … Read More

Latinos We Lost in 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, we take a look at the Latinos who lost their lives, but not before touching the hearts of so many. They will be remembered and they … Read More

Telemundo Latin America news roundup – December 27, 2012

The latest Latin America news in under 59 seconds. Several hundreds fled a volcano in Nicaragua after it began spewing hot ash and gas on Tuesday. Around … Read More

Opinion: Temporary victory for Mexican-American studies in Arizona

After the defeat of the GOP in the last election, Republicans declared they are on a new mission to broaden their appeal to the middle class and to minorities. … Read More

As Congressional negotiations stall, economy still dangling over cliff

Talk about the Grinch who could really steal Christmas and the New Year. If Congress does not pass legislation to avert the "fiscal cliff" deadline on December … Read More

Jenni Rivera estate and children to be looked after by sister Rosie

Nothing was as dear to Jenni Rivera as her children and true to her last wishes, her younger sister Rosie will be looking after her five children in the … Read More

The art and value of thank-you notes

Writing a thank-you note is something more than just an obligatory action. It is an expression of gratitude and acknowledgement of generosity. It is an … Read More