Texas high school Mariachi and Folklorico group will play in Inaugural Parade

PALMVIEW – The secret’s out, and it’s full of music. Palmview High School Mariachi and Folklorico group have just been chosen to play in the 57th Presidential Inaugural Parade.

“I wanted to tell everybody because this is something I have been looking forward to and I was just, I would dream about this, playing for something important,” said Noel Marquez, Palmview Senior.

Folklorico and mariachi are a combination of many artistic talents, including vocal, instrumental and dance.

“There is a lot of story behind everything that we dance, everything that the mariachi plays. There’s story and culture behind it,” said Ana Karen Davila, Palmview Senior.

And their culture is part of why they were chosen. This group will be the only group that day representing the Hispanic community.

“Every Hispanic kind of relates to this as part of their identity,” said Mayra Garcia, director.

And the students are excited to share their culture with the nation.

“People are going to see how beautiful it is, how really nice our heritage is and it’s a chance to really get that out there,” said Marquez.

Just over 60 students will travel to D.C.. in January.

“Stuff like this doesn’t happen on a daily basis, so we have to go and enjoy ourselves over there and we will do the best we can,” said Davila.

With passion in their hearts, the group celebrates in the way they do best — with song and dance.

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