Job training program opens doors to low-income individuals

More and more jobs demand computer skills these days.

To keep up with today’s job market, the Job Training Institute is a non-profit program that helps low-income individuals and families get the training they need to keep up in the ever-changing high-tech world.

The $7,000 tuition for each student is paid from state and federal grants; the goal is to get people out of minimum wage jobs and into careers that pay better.

The Job Training Institute takes in new students every two weeks. Each course is eight weeks long and meets Monday through Friday for four hours.

“I really didn’t have a plan afterwards, but then finding out that I was pregnant, now I really have to to do something with my life for my daughter,” said Mellissa Arredondo, a single mother of a 7-month-old.

The school currently trains students in three programs that are in high demand: computer repair, administrative assistant and bookkeeping.

“I’m grateful they took me, they help a lot of people,” said Arredondo.

For more information about enrolling visit: Job Training Institute

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