Firefighters and security personnel could be using this headset computer in the coming years.. (Courtesy Kopin Corp.)

CES: Best in Show

There is no question that we are marshaling the mobile era into our lives and homes at warp speed and that we want our devices to talk to each other.

According to Verizon FIOS research, 74 percent of all consumers believe all electronics in the house should be connected to each other and online and some of the gear that was most innovative at CES indeed fulfilled this promise.

Samsung Galaxy Camera

This beauty is truly my favorite device of the show. It is so easy to be a good photographer, take great shots, share instantly and all together my new ‘must have’. You can choose models from AT&T or Verizon or use with WiFi.
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FIOS Media Server

Introduced at CES this year – this one will allow you to record up to six TV shows simultaneously and you can view recorded programs in up to five TV’s. This powerful new DVR will also give you the capability to browse HD movies (at the speed of FIOS) and access more than 15 shopping channels and handle all transactions right there with your remote.  Love the flexibility for parents with this new technology for the home!

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The Connected Athlete

Cisco technology that includes sensor-equipped football helmet to help track hits during a football game and reduce the risk of concussions.
CES: Best in Show  tech 2 NBC Latino News

Golden-i – Headset computer

This one will not be a consumer device (darn!) but its an incredibly new technology made by Kopin Corp. It is voice activated and intended for security professionals as well as law enforcement and firefighters. It’s wonderful to see these technologies at CES that are focused on our safety!
CES: Best in Show  tech 2 NBC Latino News

Here are just some of the innovations at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show – the connected world is most evidently upon us all. Is this something you welcome?

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