“Deception” star Laz Alonso on getting emotional and achieving the American Dream

Video by Ignacio Torres

In the new NBC series ‘Deception,” actor Laz Alonso plays a FBI agent who investigates the mysterious death of a glamorous, wealthy socialite. In the steamy soap opera, Alonso’s character – Will Moreno – wrestles with his love for leading lady Meagan Good, an undercover police detective embedded within the victim’s affluent family.

While the prime time show may expose murky world of wealth and privilege to eager audiences, the role of Moreno gives Alonso (whose previous credits include films like “Jumping the Broom” and “Avatar”)  the chance to embrace a softer, more emotional side.

“I usually play real strong, brute-type guys,” says the Cuban actor, who was raised in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. “But my character in ‘Deception’ is more well-rounded, a man who is really in touch with his feelings.”

Those feelings lead to some hot and heavy romance with Joanna (Good) and eventually, an unconventional love triangle occurs, leaving Alonso’s character, Will Moreno, wrestling with jealousy and doubt.

‘I’ve experienced that myself, sure,” says Alonso, who said he’s open to finding love in 2013. “When you really love someone, that’s when you start feeling insecure; that’s when you start feeling jealous. No one is immune to those feelings when you’re really invested.”

And as for those oh-so-sexy romance scenes with Good’s character, Alonso assures fans it’s all for the sake of television (seriously!).

“I’m actually really good friends with her husband, Devon Franklin,” explains Alonso, whose next movie, “Battle of the Year” with Chris Brown, hits theaters this September. “I’ve known Meagan since 2006 when we did ‘Stomp the Yard’ together, and we have a really strong professional relationship. I think the steaminess from those scenes comes from trust, and there’s that mutual respect between the two of us that reads well on camera.”

When it comes to film and television, Alonso feels comfortable both in front and behind the camera. The 38-year-old, who directed his first movie last fall – a mini-documentary about artist Al Burts in Washington, D.C. – let NBC Latino in on a not-so-secret ambition. He wants to direct and produce more films of his own.

“I was really proud of that opportunity,” recalls the 38-year-old of his first film. “I really want to start looking into directing more and getting behind the lens this year.”

And as Alonso continues to film the first season of “Deception,” makes movies and develops his directorial talent, he does so with one goal: to help his family financially and give them the lives they dreamed of when they left Cuba for the United States.

“The more success I can achieve, the more I can help my family become comfortable,” explains Alonso.

“To live the American dream was their whole reason for coming to this country.”

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