Eva Longoria has been chosen as one of the speakers at the National Day of Service event in Washington, D.C. ( Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images))

Eva Longoria to speak at the National Day of Service

Eva Longoria will speak at the historic National Mall in Washington, D.C. as part of President Obama‘s National Day of Service, which will take place next Saturday before the inauguration.  Longoria will be one of several speakers, including Chelsea Clinton, who will talk about the themes surrounding the Day of Service.  These are strengthening communities, fostering economic development, education and environmental issues, and working with and aiding faith-based and health organizations.

The National Day of Service was started in 2009 by the President and the First Lady to honor Martin Luther King’s Jr’s legacy through community work.  About 100 organizations will be present to do service projects and train those interested in serving their communities throughout the year.   Those interested can  sign up at the National Day of Service website.

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Longoria is the one of the most high-profile Latinos working in the Obama campaign.  The actress and activist served as campaign co-chair and spoke at the Democratic National Convention, and is now co-chairing the Presidential Inauguration Committee. Longoria has been vocal about the need for immigration reform, and she has spoken out on women’s and economic issues during the campaign.

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