U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz photographed at the John Joseph Moakley United States Court House. (Photo by Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Latina federal prosecutor under fire for handling of Reddit cofounder case

A petition asking the White House to remove the federal prosecutor, U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz,  in the Aaron Swartz case now has nearly 29,000 online signatures, more than enough to require a response from the administration in the tragic case.

Swartz, 26, who helped create RSS as a teen, reportedly took his own life last Friday, and his death has sparked outrage as well as sadness.

A passionate advocate for making as much information public as possible on the Web, Swartz was under indictment by the federal government on charges of wire fraud and computer fraud.

In an attempt to provide free access to JSTOR, a subscription service for science and literacy journals on MIT’s network, he downloaded nearly the entire library of 4.8 million articles and documents to make it publicly available, according to The New York Times.

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