Group claims video shows Border Patrol stealing blankets from immigrants

A humanitarian group that provides aid and supplies to illegal migrants crossing the desert claims they caught a Border Patrol agent stealing blankets and food from one of their drop sites in southern Arizona via a hidden camera.

The group “No More Deaths” regularly puts out water, food and blankets for migrants crossing the border. They posted a video taken January 8 from a hidden camera near Arivaca, about 12 miles north of the international border.

“We decided to set up these hidden cameras in an attempt to reveal the identity to reveal it was Border Patrol,” said Hannah Hafter, a volunteer with the group.

Hafter said they used a wildlife camera that was tripped twice when the agent moved in and out of view. The group claims the agent pictured in the video walked off with the food and blankets meant for traveling migrants.

“Which is no small thing because all of us have been experiencing how terrible the night temperatures are, and the hypothermia that can be caused by the cold is just as dangerous as the heat in the summer,” Hafter said.

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