Kidnapping, assault charges in Arizona hazing incident

Arizona police have arrested nine students from Sahuarita High School and charged them with aggravated assault and kidnapping.

Six of the students are under the age of 18 and three are 18 and charged as adults. The adults have been identified as Marcus Stitts, Andres Vasquez, and Jorge Loya-Lopez.

Sgt. Matt McGlone said the alleged incident took place Tuesday night in the boy’s locker room on campus.

The male students involved are reportedly all athletes, but McGlone would not say which sport.

He said a witness called police Wednesday morning to report the alleged attack.

“The assault occurred in conjunction with being restrained, that the minor wasn’t significantly injured during the incident,” McGlone said.

The incident is not considered a hate crime, according to police. However, it is considered bullying or hazing.

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